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Use this form to convert between fractional odds, Decimal odds and money lines.  Enter a value for a given type of odds.  For the money line, enter negative numbers for favorites and positive numbers for underdogs.  Then press the Convert Odds button.  The odds for each type will be calculated and displayed.  To reset the form press the Reset Form button.

Optionally you can enter a bet amount.  The converter will convert your odds then show you how much your bet will pay out.. 


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This year I will try something different. I will make a few blind-faith NFL picks. This means that no matter what the numbers are and no matter who is playing, I will make the pick. This is based on data that I have collected since 2007 based on 1041 NFL games (I am excluding pushes.) Below is how I will make the picks. - 2011-09-09

1981 Vs. 2009

Football today is far more popular than it has ever been. Players today are bigger, stronger and faster than players in 1981. An NFL team from 1981 wouldn.t dare think of being on the field with a team from today. The league makes far more money now than before with the average team now worth $1 billion according to Forbes Magazine and every team in the league is profitable. Players make a lot more money today than back then, thanks to Gene Upshaw and the Players Union. I remember talking to old football players who told me that they earned so little money from football that they would have to take off season jobs to make ends meet. Today the average player is a millionaire. Back in the 1970.s you didn.t know if a game would sellout, today almost every NFL game is a sellout (except in Jacksonville and Oakland.) The league is more competitive now than before. Back then it was the same teams every year, teams like the Steelers, Cowboys, Raiders, 49ers and Redskins. Now, everyone, no matter how big or small, has a chance to win it all. Arizona almost won it all and they haven.t been good since the 1940.s. - 2009-02-05

The Raiders should have never moved to Oakland

Al Davis should have never moved the Raiders back to Oakland. With his team ranked near the bottom in value (according to Forbes Magazine,) games that don.t sell out, luxury boxes that are not filled, legal battles and a team that has had only 3 winning seasons in the past 14 years, the Raiders are a devalued franchise in disarray. In Los Angeles they would be the only game in town, and would be playing a football only stadium. Instead they share a market with the San Francisco 49ers and play in a run down virtual bowl of a stadium that they share with the baseball.s Oakland Athletics - 2008-12-12


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Now you can query past games of any team in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. For each team you can query such items as opponents, division, home games, away games and time zone, and in the NFL you can also query playing surface and whether the game was indoors or outdoors.

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